Prasanna asks President why he hid vital information

By Winston Palihawadane

Convener of the Joint Opposition and Gampaha District MP Prasanna Ranatunga said President Maithripala Sirisena had done something wrong by covering up the secrets of his political opponents.

Addressing the media at Udugampola after attending a meeting with party activists on Saturday, Ranatunge said: "Now the President threatens to reveal secrets and wrongdoings of his political opponents. That means he has kept such information secret for a long time.

"Those who are scared of ghosts do not build houses on cemeteries as a local saying goes. Likewise, we are not afraid of threats. If we had feared the ‘yahapalanaya’ gang, we would not have founded the Joint Opposition and to fight the evils of the government. The President seems to be disturbed by the news that a new political party is being formed. Hiding information about wrongdoing is antithetical to good governance. The president issues threats because he knows well that some more politicians currently under his thumb would soon desert him to join us. Nothing will stop our forward march. We will not attend the party convention scheduled to be held on Sept. 04."

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