JHU asks why NP politicians oppose only construction of places of Buddhist worship


By Harischandra Gunaratna 

JHU Propaganda Secretary Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe yesterday said racist and selfish attitudes and actions of Tamil political leaders would derail the reconciliation efforts.

Addressing a news conference at the JHU headquarters at Battaramulla, Warnasinghe said Tamil politicians had to be more flexible and accommodating and should genuinely believe in equality if the government’s reconciliation efforts were to yielded the desired results.

The senior JHU politician said Northern Province Chief Minister Wigneswaran and the TNA MPs would have to abandon their federalist project if reconciliation was to be achieved.

"Tamil politicians in the north are vehemently opposing the construction of temples and Buddha statues in the north," he said.

Warnasinghe said Hindu temples had been built in all parts of the country and no one in the South had opposed them. He asked why some Tamil politicians were averse to Buddhist temples and statues being built in the north.

He said according to the Constitution every citizen had a right to live in any part of the country and practice of his or her religion.

Warnasinghe was of the opinion that some northern politicians were behaving like tribal leaders.

He said the JHU was confident that their separatist agenda would never be successful and their dream of a federal state would never be a reality.


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