Vidura:Need of the hour is a statesman to pull country out of mess


By Harischandra Gunaratna

Kalutara District Parliamentarian Vidura Wickramanayake yesterday said that the government was entangled in an unholy mess and there was a great deal of uncertainty, while the SLFP too was heading for disaster.

He said, "Don’t be surprised if Ranil Wickremesinghe contests on the SLFP ticket and wins the next Presidential election!"

Wickramanayake, addressing the media at a Joint Opposition, news conference at Dr N. M. Perera Centre at Borella said "The government lacks cohesive policy and a clear vision while the SLFP members in the government ranks are advancing the UNP agenda for their personal gains."

The SLFP stalwart said the country needed a charismatic leader like D. S. Senanayake if it was to come out of the abyss had fallen into.

The MP stressed the need for the SLFP to move with the trend of the time and to introduce changes where necessary without blindly following the UNP, but what was happening in reality was that the party was moving backwards.

"The party leadership is on a witch hunt for those who criticise them or the UNP," he said.

Wickramanayke asked whether it was wrong to point out mistakes of the leadership.

He said the success of a political party came about when the members holding different ideologies worked in unison. The party had to introduce a more productive and effective approach with fresh ideas, he said.

Without doing what was necessary to revamp the party, the SLFP leadership was removing the party organisers who had been elected by the masses and kept appointing those less popular and ineffective, he said.

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