Honey trap racket targeting randy, elderly, rich men busted

The two suspects in the police custody.Pic by Sarath De Silva

By Sarath de Silva

Athurugiriya police yesterday busted a racket where several women posing off as teledrama actresses relieved elderly businessmen of their valuables.

The police deployed several decoys on information obtained following a complaint lodged by a 64-year-old businessman who had been duped by two women on July 29.

Police said the women lured businessmen into taking them to lodges, where they got the victims to take one too many. Later the racketeers relieved them of their valuables before fleeing. Many of the victims were reluctant to lodge complaints fearing negative publicity.

According to the complaint that led to the arrest of the two women, the elderly businessman of Kottawa received the telephone numbers of the women from a tri-shaw driver and contacted them. The suspects got the businessman to come to a lodge in the Athurugiriya area. They consumed liquor with the victim, who removed his shirt exposing a thick gold chain with a talisman. When the suspects made inquiries about it a proud businessman told them that the talisman was charmed and it would protect its owner against any danger or harm. The women then asked him to remove it as it would lose its power if they touched it. The businessman removed it an put it in one of his trouser pockets. Thereafter, he went to the bathroom, wearing a towel and leaving his trousers and shirt on the bed. One of the women lost no time in making off with the chain and talisman. When came out of the bathroom, the other woman told him that she was going in search of her colleague. As neither of them returned for hours the businessman knew that he had been duped and his gold chain had been stolen. He lodged a complaint with the Athurugiriya police.

Following an investigation and setting some decoys the police nabbed the two suspect women at Arangala in Athurugiriya. They divulged that they were in the business of relieving elderly businessmen of their money and valuables for years. There were six other women working with them, they said. Some of them have played minor roles in teledramas.

Further investigations are being conducted by Athurugiriya police under instructions of OIC Chief Inspector Sanjeewa Mahanama.

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