ACF accuses govt leaders of turning blind eye to corruption


by Harischandra Gunaratna

The Anti-Corruption Front (ACF) yesterday said that there were several top bureaucrats in the government charged with corruption but continued to hold on to their posts while their political bosses turned a blind eye to their malpractices.

The ACF demanded the resignation of those corrupt officials forthwith.

Keerthi Tennekoon, Convenor of the ACF addressing the media said Media Ministry Secretary Bopage Nimalaweera alias Nimal Bopage had been accused of corruption and investigation was being conducted by the fraud bureau of the Wellawatte police while the COPE also had named him for wrongdoing. Attorney General also had given a ruling on it There is also a court case being heard against him.

"We have complained to the Parliamentary Committee on High Posts about him," Tennakoon said.

Tennekoon said that when there was an investigation against a bureaucrat he or she should resign from the post, but Bopage held on to the post using political clout and the President and President’s Secretary should take responsibility for that sorry state of affairs, Tennekoon said.

Bopage was under investigation by the PRECIFIC for an alleged fraud involving Rs.10 million and the COPE also had accused him of the same, Tennekoon said.

Bopage was also under investigation for what he did as the Chairman of the National Commission for Human Resource Development, Tennakoon said.

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