Country facing dearth of biology teachers - PM


by Zacki Jabbar


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says that the  country is experiencing a shortage of biology teachers.

Speaking at the launch of the Techno City in Homagama on Thursday, the PM said that  the dearth of those versed in  teaching the subject of biology needed to be addressed.  

 Wickremesinghe observed that the field of biotechnology was full of females while males generally opted for careers in other scientific fields.

One way of addressing the situation was to encourage Sri Lankan professionals working abroad to return and serve their motherland, he noted."I have personally made this request during my meetings with our people domiciled abroad."

The government was committed to developing the business and industrial sectors. For a start one billion rupees would be allocated for that purpose, the PMā€ˆsaid. Out of that amount Rs.2.5 million would be allocated for each Small and Medium Enterprise Project, the Prime Minister revealed.

He said that the way forward was through a knowledge based economy, built on a solid foundation.

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