JLANKA takes on role of Catalyst as Sri Lanka heralds New Era in Renewable Energy

The public power-generating programme ‘Surya Bala Sangramaya’ (SBS) launched earlier this month by His Excellency President Maithripala Sirisena has set in motion a much anticipated paradigm shift in the acceptance of the huge potential of renewable energy sources across Sri Lanka, predominantly solar power.

The SBS programme aims to introduce solar power to 1 million homes across the country over a time period of 20 years, by the end of which would result in 1 million self-sustained families who produce electricity and contribute to the national grid. JLanka Technologies, the premier solar solution provider in Sri Lanka is heralding this new era of renewable energy consumption by empowering customers with their tailor-made solutions.

Domestic roof solar systems and large-scale industrial solar systems are expected to be the main two systems that will contribute heavily to the SBS programme.

Consumers can join the SBS programme with the currently existing Net Metering, where consumers only pay for the net amount of electricity they consume, and are given the option of bringing forward any excess units to consume in the next month. No additional fee is paid for the excess units generated.

This option has resulted in the conception of the next two solutions for the SBS programme; Net Accounting and Net Plus for which JLanka has offered 2 solutions. With Net Accounting, customers can produce solar power in their homes, and trade extra power units to the national grid and Ceylon Electricity Board at Rs. 22 per unit during the first seven years, and at Rs. 15.50 from the eighth year onwards.

In this context, JLanka has introduced Laksolar – a 1.2KW Home Kit that is tailor-made for medium-to-low-income homeowners. The unit is pre-assembled to enable a simple plug and play installation. It is tested for Sri Lankan conditions, with an extendable warranty of 5 years. This unit produces 130 units per month, and requires 8 m2 of open roof area for installation.

Net Plus caters to commercial and industrial facilities that are looking to generate electricity using solar panels with no linkage between consumption and electricity generation. At present, industrial facilities pay a tariff of Rs. 10.80 per unit of electricity. With the Net Plus sceme, CEB will purchase this same generated unit at Rs. 22 during the first seven years, and at Rs. 15.50 from the eighth year onwards.

JLanka offers special customized pakcages for industrialists to take advantage of this additional revenue generation. Most commercial and industrial facilities are already equipped with large flat / empty roofing areas that are ideal for this type of project. This is not all, JLanka also offers free consulting on the technical and financial requirements of the SBS programme, so that consumers are made fully aware of the benefits they stand to gain by joining in the solar power revolution.



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