Former MMC alleges no protection for women


By Harischandra Gunaratna

Former Colombo Municipal Council member (UNP ) Sharmila Gonawela yesterday said crime, violence and rape against women in the country had reached an unprecedented level and in some cases the perpetrators were politicians and they went scot free with the police not even caring to obtain a statement from the offender. "A woman is raped every 90 minutes in this country and the authorities have miserably failed to address the issue effectively and in some cases lawmakers themselves are the culprits with the police turning a blind eye to what’s going on."

Gonawela, who crossed over to the SLFP, addressing a news conference of at the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s political office at Battaramulla said, "I am not trying to shield politicians of the former regime responsible such offences, but people toppled the UPFA administration, expecting good governance and today they regret their decision.

The former Colombo Municipal Councillor asked what action had been taken against the Parliamentarian from the north who raped women after promising jobs to the husbands and sons of the victims and went so far as to film his conquests and release the DVDs of his acts, causing one of the victims to commit suicide and another to attempt to take her own life. The former Municipal Councillor flayed the police top brass for allowing their department politicised. She demanded to know why the National Police Commission was silent on the crimes perpetrated against women.

Gonawela said Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had taken his role in Parliament very lightly without giving appropriate answers to questions posed to the government. She said his levity was aimed at hiding his government’s failure.

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