Concerned companies act against ‘disability discrimination’

Organizers urge all concerned to add their weight


by Sanath Nanayakkare

Several leading corporate citizens are going to publicly demonstrate their commitment to employing qualified individuals with physical disabilities, solely based on their employable skills, and not for charity. The government authorities and other corporate entities are expected to add their weight to this initiative.

This unique effort will display its true commitment to inclusivity when the Diversity and Inclusion Career Day takes place at Barista Museum, Colombo 07 on November 12, from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 pm. A day of the calendar you need to mark as a must-attend event.

A number of empathic, supportive corporate partners including Toyota, MAS Active, HNB, Barista, Rotaract Club of ACBT, Emerging Media, Learn TV, Young Biologists Association, McQuire Rens Global, alfa MarTech, etc. have already stepped forward to drive this initiative forward with renewed vigour.

Organizers invite other corporate citizens of the country to join with them to integrate these qualified, bright committed professionals with disabilities, to the workforce.

The Junior Chamber International (JCI), Kollupitiya chapter is hosting this first-ever event in Sri Lanka.

The aim of this novel career day is to showcase the impressive talents and abilities on offer by professionals with disabilities and to promote a greater degree of diversity and inclusion within Sri Lanka's companies.

Persons with disabilities who have pursued education at the Universities of Kelaniya, Colombo, Peradeniya and Moratuwa etc. and others who possess other career qualifications will take part in the event.

Potential employers will have the opportunity to have a look at their qualifications and employable skills at this job fair.

JCI Kollupitiya requests all Sri Lankan companies to sign up for the Diversity and Inclusion Career Day 2016, to exercise their civic duty and show their support for the differently-able community.

"These bright, committed individuals are able to work hard and can produce similar or more outcomes for an organization like any able-bodied individuals", Isuru Samarage, President of the Junior Chamber International Sri Lanka (JCISL) told The Island Financial Review.

This job fair will feature a number of activities including 'Experience Corners' which would simulate better understanding of how one would actually feel if physically disabled or when one becomes old and feeble and disabled as a result.

A session on the rights of persons with disabilities will also be conducted by experts of this field.

For further information please call Isuru Samarage- Business Lead Innovation and Integration- Toyota Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. who is also the president of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Sri Lanka.

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