Twin births to celebrate 149th and 150th fertility centre milestone for Lanka Hospitals

Celebrating a twin victory in every sense of the word – Lanka Hospitals announced last week that the IVF Fertility Centre has now passed its 150th milestone In Vitro Fertilization (IVF baby). Within a span of 28 months, the IVF Fertility Centre of Lanka Hospitals has accomplished a feat of more than 300 pregnancies and 150 newborn babies making it the most successful in Sri Lanka with a 42% success rate in COH IVF cycle on par with the best IVF centres in the world. The centre also reports big plans for the future, with the goal being to enhance the success rate to 50%-55% by 2011.

Lanka Hospitals CEO Lakith Peiris asserted that the objective of setting up the centre was to "Making the joy of a child possible for couples who have struggled to conceive is what each member of the IVF Fertility Centre aims to do.

Noting that the hospital’s objective in this regard had been fully realised, the CEO added that the centre was not only the most modern centre for fertility treatment in the country, but also the most successful. "The success rate of The Fertility Centre at Lanka Hospitals is on par with the best IVF centres in the world. The miracle of life is something we hold very sacred which is why we have only the best working in our Fertility Centre. We are extremely happy and proud to have given life to our 149th and 150th infants".

Managed by Dr Madara Ralapanawe - the in-house medical officer and clinical embryologist - Lanka Hospital’s fertility centre was built at a cost of more than Rs 50 million and is equipped with the latest technology. The centre features an Em Cell IVF chamber from Australia, which was the first-ever machine of its kind in Sri Lanka; HERACell Incubators from Germany; and an Olympus Inverted Microscope and Micromanipulator from Japan. A dedicated ultra sound scan is available in the unit for follicular monitoring, egg pick up and for scan guided embryo transfer. The culture media systems to grow the embryos are sourced from VitroLife of Sweden and come directly in a cold pack ensuring maintenance of the cold chain.

The team, headed by Director Medical Services of Lanka Hospitals together with experienced Gynaecologists – Dr. Nishendra Karunaratne and Dr. Sudeera Uduwela, and assisted by Dr. Madara Ralapanawe – one of the first Sri-Lankan doctors to have a post graduate masters degree in Clinical Embryology, carry out many different procedures, all focused on being the least invasive. "The team at the Fertility Centre is a very hardworking, efficient unit which is essential to run the highly accurate protocols needed in this field. This, coupled with the team’s dedication to maintain the sterility of the lab is another reason behind the centre’s success rate," she said.

Director Medical Services of Lanka Hospitals Dr. Wimal Karandagoda said, "through the continued efforts of the staff at Lanka Hospitals, we have now made all types of fertility procedures affordable and accessible to patients across the island, guaranteeing the assurance of service and our trademark standards to such a degree that we have also seen many couples from abroad flying down with the hopes of starting a family".

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