500 Rover Scouts Moot in Mannar


The 32nd National Rover Scout Moot will be held the La Salle Kids Campus Grounds on Thalaimannar Road in Mannar from Nov 3 to 6 with the participation of around 500 Rover Scouts from all over the country, a press release issued by the Sri Lanka Scouts Association said yesterday.

The release signed by Srilath de Silva, Assistant Chief Commissioner (Rovers), Moot Organising Commissioner said: The last Rover Scout Moot, the 31st was held in Matara and the Torch was handed over to the Rover Scouts of Mannar District Branch Association at the end of a colorful ceremony.

Rover Scouts Section, founded by Lord Baden Powell of Gillwell in 1918 was established to polish the rough cut gems that came out of the movement. Sri Lanka formed her first-ever Rover Crew in 1920 by the same founder of Sri Lanka Scouting F.G. Stephens. The youth of both genders within the age groups of 18 to 24 years form the membership of the Rover Crews. Apart from Rovering, many of them go on to become Scout Masters at the end of their training.

The Moot Organizing Commissioner Srilath de Silva (ACC Rovers) and his team, under, the leadership of Professor Nimal de Silva, the Chief Commissioner, has been working tirelessly to provide the participants with a memorable experience during their Moot in Mannar. The host district team is led by Rev. Bro. S.C. Vijayathasan, the District Commissioner of Mannar.

A lot of activities, workshops, youth inspirational & leadership programs, have been planned which will culminate with the Rover Scout Youth Forum which will formulate the proposal for the activities for Rover Scouts in the coming years.

The theme of the 32nd Rover Moot is "United We Stand".

The Sri Lanka Scouts Association, a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), has an active membership of over 40,000 Scouts. The association is supported by uniformed and lay members who are volunteers. Established in 1912 The SLSA has supported many youth to become responsible and useful citizens.

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