Minister Hashim claims UNP will never protect thieves



The UNP would never protect thieves or fraudsters irrespective of their status and connections, UNP General Secretary and Public Enterprise Development Minister Kabir Hashim said.

"If anyone has committed fraud or thievery he or she should be punished. His or her status, position or power would not save him or her. Such people cannot hide behind the party. That is the standpoint of the UNP."

Rhe Minister Hashim was addressing a ceremony at Sri Lanka State Plantations Corporation on Friday to distribute compensation for the politically victimized. Letters of appointment were also given reinstating those who had lost their jobs due to political victimisation.

"We had a past where a hungry child who stole a bun was punished. There was another similar occasion where another child being punished for stealing a packet of milk. The law was implemented only against such powerless elements. It did not apply to the sons and daughters of top families. Children of palaces. But, under the Yahapalana government none who did wrong will be able to escape. If anyone committed a crime his or her position will not save them," the minister said.

The Minister said the Yahpalana government would not consider the party colours in giving appointments, promotions, transfers as well as implementing the law against persons. "We gave the chairmanships of parliament committees to the opposition. The COPE that investigated the Treasury Bond issue was under an MP from the JVP. "That strengthened democracy. All committee members can debate, argue and present their views with regard to the investigation on Treasury Bond issues.

"When we pay compensation, we accept that holding the ideology of a particular party should not qualify anyone for compensation. I remember around 300 million rupees were allocated to pay compensation for the SLFP members during the 100 day government," he said.

Twenty three employees of the Sri Lanka State Plantations Corporation and three employees of the Sri Lanka Ceramic Corporation who had been politically victimized received compensation from the minister.

Among those present were Chairman of the Sri Lanka State Plantations Corporation Tilak Mahanama and Additional Secretary of the Public Enterprise Development Ministry J.M.A. Douglas.

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