SLMM and rogue arms ships


It will be fascinating to see the Norwegian Lutheran regime explaining the latest Wikileak about the SLMM deliberately enabling a Tamil Tiger terrorist weapons ship to escape and then President Chandrika Kumaratunge wanting their commanding officer expelled. According to a news report: "A move by the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) made a gunrunning vessel belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), escape from the Sri Lanka Navy - whistle-blower website Wikileaks reveals. The highly confidential cable sent by Colombo US Embassy to Washington, dated October 23, 2003, was classified by Colombo’s Charge´ d´Affaires James F. Entwistle."

I am referring to the leak that speaks of the Norwegian SLMM tipping off the Tigers.  Apparently that was an "honest mistake" that enabled the Tigers to evade the Sri Lankan Navy or was the mission playing a double game in face of an impotent, appeasing UNP led regime at that time and throwing egg in the faces of Sri Lanka’s national security interests?

How did these so called highly educated, experienced military professionals and top commanders/ experts at monitoring missions advertently let the Tigers off like this?  Are rational, logical people to believe that these poor innocent naïve professional SLMM Nords were gullible "podi babbu" hoodwinked by clever Tigers? What else will the Wikileaks tell the world about the war in Sri Lanka?  Was SLMM chief Tryggve Teleffsen an arrogant jerk who thought he could get away or was he a not so clever gullible General outwitted by uneducated but smart Tigers?

Now the US public also knows something the rest of the world knew for a long time; that Iraq had nothing to do with Jihadi terrorists and the main source of funding for Al Qaeda’s version of Jihadi intolerant Wahabi terrorism is Saudi Arabia and that is something the US government is afraid to tell Americans because of energy interests.

Wikileaks may end up strengthening democracy and hold western nations more accountable for their actions than before. No wonder they want to charge Assange. The Wikileaks imbroglio has the US and Britain scrambling to silence Julian Assange.  He is now a political prisoner being accused of breaking an archaic Swedish law about having unprotected consensual sex. In other words, the high and mighty preachers of political rights, human rights, and free speech are misusing Interpol (which never acts on sex allegations) and using their might to pressure Assange by bringing charges of having sex without a condom because of his temerity to challenge the world’s only military superpower. It seems that Interpol is more interested in imposing Sharia Law about extra marital sex these days just like Taliban.

The real issue is the embarrassment caused to British and American interests. So far there is no evidence the leaks have threatened anyone’s life but it did force some serious issues out in the open. For example, the traditional mistrust and historical rivalry between Persians and Arabs can be viewed in the way Saudi Arabia plays puppet master and encourages the US to attack Iran; or the way they wanted the US to do their dirty work in deposing Saddam Hussein(a secular dictator who oppressed radical Islamic groups during his reign).  

What more surprises are in the leaks about the Tigers, SLMM, US ambassadors interfering with local elections and wanting to rescue Tigers, Norwegians, Indians, and other western nations vis-à-vis Sri Lanka’s 30 year old war?    

One thing is abundantly clear; if the current Rajapaska regime and the military did not stand strong, the Tigers would still be wreaking havoc under Norwegian auspices and Colombo’s western- funded NGO elite would be writing tomes about how the Tigers cannot be defeated militarily and how the government should negotiate with them while bombs were going off in every corner of Sri Lanka.

Mano Ratwatte

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