Mercmarine training for young women to benefit from high-paying maritime jobs


by Sanath Nanayakkare

Keeping up with the current industry trends, Mercmarine Training, one of Sri Lanka’s foremost maritime training institutes—a member of the Mercmarine Group--has now come forward to train young Sri Lankan women to secure high-paying job opportunities on ocean going foreign vessels or related shore jobs.

In the recent times, global organizations including the IMO (International Maritime Organization) have held several conferences to discuss the advancement of women in the maritime professions in leadership roles in both shore-based and sea-going posts. Mercmarine having recognised the current industry demand for female talent as well as increasingly women-friendly work environment and regulatory framework on foreign going merchant ships, announced last week the launch of a special scholarship programme for female officer cadet applicants.

The programme seeks to reward two of the top scoring female cadets at the selection process for a scholarship program up to LKR 1,000,000. This initiative by Mercmarine Training marks yet another milestone in shaping careers of the young and dynamic Sri Lankan youth.

This unique scholarship programme is an unprecedented initiative that will be open to all female cadets applying for Engineering or Deck Cadet Courses. The institute will select the top two applicants who demonstrate the highest skills with the best scores, to be eligible for the 90% grant of the phase 01 tuition fee in which ever discipline they select.

Thomas Kriwart Chief Executive Officer of the Mercmarine Group initiating the programme said, "In our 30 years of successful operation in Sri Lanka, Mercmarine Training has continued to produce top notch seafarers and maritime personalities through the institute’s world-class training courses. We have continued to push forward with time; providing the best of quality training to cadets across the island. Accordingly, we acknowledge the recent increase in demand for more women in the maritime industry, particularly in leadership roles and have thus introduced this programme to attract more local female talent. We believe that this will enable women to train alongside men and so acquire the high-level of competence that the maritime industry demands today."

"If you wish to obtain more information regarding the courses and the scholarship programme please contact Mercmarine Training via e-mail: or by telephone: 011 7476100/0769 387477", Mercmarine Group said.

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