People’s Bank unveils its new corporate logo


People’s Bank has recently launched its new logo to reflect the Bank’s evolution to keep pace with new global banking trends and to cater to fast-changing aspirations of customers. Reflecting trust, sophistication and efficiency, the symbolic hands in the new logo represent good governance and the peoples’ co-operation and unity.

This initiative reflects People’s Bank’s dynamic digitalization drive in addition to its impactful sustainability agenda that is leading the national bank to break new ground in offering revolutionary banking solutions. The launch of the new logo mirrors this forward momentum of the bank into the future.

Speaking on the occasion of the logo launch Minister of Public Enterprise Development Kabir Hashim ‘expressed these sentiments: "It gives me great pride to witness the symbolic unveiling of People’s Bank new logo, which reflects the Bank’s new aspirations that are mirrored by the citizens of Sri Lanka as well. Now that People’s Bank has set out on the path of digitalization, it will usher in a new era of positive change and value addition by delivering its signature warm and friendly services. The revamped logo is an iconic symbol of how much the bank has achieved in empowering its customers over the decades. People’s Bank has truly been instrumental in sustaining and empowering the Sri Lankan economy. Digitalization is the next big step that will enhance experiences for their loyal account holders."

Commenting on the unveiling of the new logo, Chairman of People’s Bank Hemasiri Fernando said, "We are delighted to unveil a new logo and a new identity for People’s Bank. This new corporate logo defines our ambition and the pioneering journey ahead. Our evolution into digital banking and our sustainability initiatives are transforming banking in the nation. While we may be embarking on a new path, our modern and sophisticated logo reflects our respect for tradition with familiarity and trust - values that People’s Bank embodies and upholds. As we journey ahead, People’s Bank will always remain in sync with the pulse of the people, incorporating convenient banking solutions that transform the lives of our customers by delivering convenience, value addition, reliability and confidence. As a bank of the people, we are pioneers in the sector and are confident of sustaining our leadership in the digital era too."

In order to symbolize the purpose of People's Bank, the initial logo of the Bank was an emblem with two stalks of grain (to symbolize agriculture), industrial wheel (to symbolize industries) and two hands (to symbolize providing support to people). Since then the Bank logo went through many stages of enhancement and the present logo was introduced in the year 2000. Preserving the originality and its promise, the Bank logo will go through a further enhancement as a result of a recent survey conducted, improving only the colour palette and People‘s Bank lettering to better convey people’s expectations in the areas identified by the survey; and trust, efficiency and sophistication and to win more clarity and visibility.

The Bank has always championed change as a trendsetter and it is also setting industry benchmarks in its digitalization drive. By becoming the Most Digitalized Bank in Sri Lanka, People’s Bank will have the bandwidth to ensure universal access for all thereby achieving total financial inclusion. The bank’s ambitious digitalization drive will empower it to deliver a seamless digital experience to customers and elevate Sri Lanka’s banking and financial services to an international digital platform.

The Bank recently pioneered Sri Lanka’s first-ever People’s Bank Voice App, which empowers customers to check their account balance via their mobile phones by a simple voice command.

Furthermore, the Green Banking Concept – YES - is yet another demonstration of the Bank’s vision to digitize and become a paperless bank, reduce its carbon footprint, preserve the environment and use energy more efficiently to secure a more sustainable future. This eco-friendly savings product - the ‘Young Executive Saver’ or YES account has grown in popularity and is attracting youth in numbers, encouraged by the ‘young vibe’ of the product, to save and enjoy the benefits of paperless banking. Under the theme ‘Go Green with YES’, the account delivers banking services electronically via e-statements, mobile and internet banking and paperless communications.

Since its inception 55 years ago, People’s Bank has opened its doors to customers across the country, from all walks of life, providing them with banking services that meet their unique needs and uplift their lives. People’s Bank currently serves over 16 million customers through 740 branches and its connected network of Over 3000 ATMs is linked to the Lanka Pay gateway. The bank also continues to play an important role in encouraging various industries including agriculture, real estate, commercial development, small and medium enterprises and exports and this in turn has helped support communities across the country. People’s Bank has always been a driver of financial inclusivity and was also the first bank in the country to commence bilingual operations in Sinhala and Tamil, and thereafter also introduced Sri Lanka’s first trilingual cheque book.

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