Electric vehicle owners urge government authorities to regulate the industry

Sri Lanka’s Electric Vehicles (EV) Club calls policy makers to interfere and regulate the sector in supporting green energy drive in Sri Lanka.

EV Club recently held a discussion with the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) about the difficulties faced by EV Users as well as Charging Service Providers in obtaining the services required for EV Charging.

The Club emphasized the importance of EVs to Sri Lanka’s energy sectors for the betterment of the environment as it uses sustainable energy.

"The users of electric vehicles finds it very difficult to travel around the country due to the lack of charging centres and it is not always economical to plug the vehicles at home", said.

The current regulations have been formulated to provide electricity to a fixed premises for a single purpose.

In order to address the electricity connection requirements of EV Users and EV Charging Service Providers, a new regulatory framework is required. "We want the government to interfere in the areas of overnight charging facilities at hotels and private hospitals, setting up safety and quality standards for EV Charging and introduce tariff structure for EV charging centres and home chargers,"

"Regulations will bring up a crucial change in the industry. It will make electric vehicles affordable and accessible to communities most impacted by poverty and pollution and for people who need clean transportation, and we can only reach our clean air and climate goals if EVs become a practical alternative in all neighbourhoods."

Registration of electric motor cars in Sri Lanka has increased from 90 in year 2014 to 3,238 in the year 2015. One main requirement to popularize the use of electric vehicles is to have a well functioning electric vehicle battery charging network (range of a typical Mortar Car is about 100-130 km without charging). At the moment around 50 privately owned Electric Vehicle Charging Solution (EVCS) are operating in the country.

The club has already handed over the proposals for regulation to PUCSL as it regulate the electricity industry in Sri Lanka and work hand in hand with the regulator to help enhancing the regulatory framework in order to include EV Charging as a new industry/requirement.

The Electric Vehicles Club Sri Lanka, widely known as "EV Club" was formed in 2015 to promote the use of environmentally friendly vehicles in the country and empower EV owners and users with the required knowledge to gain confidence and peace of mind. EV Club conduct programs to educate people about electric vehicles, it’s benefit to the environment and energy sector. As a small country we believe EVs are smart and efficient choice for transportation in Sri Lanka with green energy like Solar Power.

Interested individuals may contact Mahisanka Abeywickrama via 0719955858 for more information

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