Munchee awarded Gold for Excellence in Social Dialogue and Workplace Cooperation


Group General Manager (Human Resources) Sajith Wickramarachchi and Organizer of Intercompany Employee’s Association’s Munchee Branch R.A.P.K Ranatunga accepting the gold award, won by Ceylon Biscuits Limited, from Minister of Labour W.D.J Seneviratne. State Minister of Labour Ravindra Samaraweera and Human Resources Manager of Ceylon Biscuits Limited Ajith Jayasinghe along with a group of employees are also featured in the image. 

Munchee recently won the gold award for the large scale manufacturing category at the Island-wide award ceremony for ‘Excellence in Social Dialogue and Workplace Cooperation 2016’, organized by the Department of Labour. Munchee – a much sought after brand both locally and globally, is manufactured by the Ceylon Biscuits Limited.

It is imperative for a country steering towards economic prosperity to nurture sound employer – employee relationship in organizations involved in the manufacturing field. The industrial peace developed in such an organization leads to a more productive and efficient manufacturing process. The industrial peace of many countries has collapsed due to global economic crises and the impact of social transformations. A great loss of man days and hours is inevitable due to strikes resulting from the industrial disputes between the employer – employee factions. Under such circumstances, the number of employees who lose their jobs as a result of the closure of organizations and the number of affected families, to a great extent.

It is the role of the Social Dialogue and Workplace Co-operation Unit of the Department of Labour, to create awareness amongst employers, managers, employee organizations, trade unions and employees at organizational and departmental level in order to create a conducive environment through creating an attitudinal change, where both parties can work in collaboration, and without being limited to the Labour Laws when resolving industrial disputes within semi government or private organizations.

The competition was held island-wide for the purpose of spreading the message regarding the Social Dialogue and Workplace Cooperation, to create awareness amongst both employers and employees, to improve creative potential, to create a qualitative working environment while establishing good industrial relations through the promotion of Social Dialogue and Workplace Cooperation in organizations involved in the local manufacturing field.

The strikes that occur as a result of a work environment with industrial disputes, not only disrupts the manufacturing process, but can also cause the country’s economy to collapse. In his congratulatory message the Minister of Labour and Trade Unions Relations, Hon. W.D.J. Senewiratne stated that under such circumstances, this island-wide competition was a timely measure among the many programs implemented by the Social Dialogue and Workplace Cooperation unit which operates under the Human Resource Development division of the Department of Labour.

Expressing his views on the victory of Ceylon Biscuits Limited, Mr. Sajith Wickramarachchi, Group General Manager (Human Resources) of Ceylon Biscuits Limited stated that, ‘This award is a great blessing to the excellent standards of mutual trust and team spirit that we have developed. Also it will strengthen the journey of all our trade unions and employees working under a common objective, driving the organization and its workforce towards success.’

‘The significance of receiving the award is that it not only gives recognition to the sustainable industrial peace that we have safeguarded over a long period of time, but also to the social responsibility initiatives carried out by the employees and the organization with great commitment. Accordingly, it has helped in strengthening the personality and values in human resource. Moreover, this award ceremony is a timely endeavour which supports establishing industrial peace and team spirit that are vital for every organization.



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