US funded project: Parliament responds

Apropos main news item "USD 13 mn project in collaboration with Parliament- Private US company chosen for public sector reform here published on January 2, 20167 edition, Dhammika Dasanayake, Secretary General of Parliament has sent us the following statement in respect of the agreement signed by Speaker Karu Jayasuriya with Peter Roskam, Chairman of the House Democracy Partnership of the United States House of Representatives on 14th September, 2016 in Washington DC: "The House Democracy Partnership Agreement signed between the Parliament of Sri Lanka and the United States House of Representatives was purely a bilateral agreement between the two legislatures for the purpose of promoting friendship between the two legislatures and to strengthen co-operation in assisting each other in developing bilateral exchange programmes for Members of Parliament and Staff of Parliament, sharing of information on legislative systems, effective management and development of legislatures.

The Agreement signed does not relate to the Strengthening of Democratic Governance and Accountability Project (SDGAP) launched by USAID with DAI as its implementing partner. The article gives the impression that the Agreement signed by the Speaker was in relation to this project, which is incorrect."

News editor’s reply: The story was based on US response to several questions posed by The Island to its diplomatic mission in Colombo. According to the US embassy, USAID has allocated the initial USD 3 million for the USD 13.7 million Strengthening Democratic Governance and Accountability Project (SDGAP) in September of 2016 and the programme was launched in November of 2016. The project will help the Government of Sri Lanka to increase transparency and accountability, advance good governance reforms, and strengthen systems and processes for public accountability, financial management, policy development and implementation. It also supports the government to strengthen communication with citizens, include the public in policy-making, and increase the participation of women in political processes. SDGAP will be implemented by Development Alternatives, Inc., in close collaboration with the Sri Lanka Parliament, Independent Commissions, and other related Ministries.

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