State buildings to be made eco-friendly in ten years

By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

All state buildings in Sri Lanka would be made eco-friendly in ten years, Urban Development Authority (UDA) Chairman Jagath Munasinghe said yesterday.

Under the guidance of Presidential Secretariat, Mahaweli Development and Environment Ministry in collaboration with UDA has prepared ‘Green Building Guidance and Rating Systems’, which will be launched under the patronage of President on Jan. 09 at the BMICH.

Addressing a press conference at the Government Information Department, Munasinghe said the state buildings which would be constructed in the future would also have to comply with the eco-friendly guidelines.

The programme would be extended to private buildings in the future, he said.

oratuwa Senior Lecture and Charted Architect Dr Indrika Rajapaksha said a data base had been created about the state buildings.

According to her analysis, the average annual electricity bill of the state ministries was about four million and the maximum was about 12 million. The water consumption of those ministries averaged about 40,000 liters per year.

These consumption rates were much higher than those in other countries, she stressed.

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