Sri Lanka, not China, will provide security for Colombo Financial City - PM


by Zacki Jabbar

The government says that security at the Colombo Port City renamed the Financial City, would be entrusted to the Sri Lankan Navy and Air Force and not the Chinese.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said on Thursday that provision of security would be in accordance with procedures adopted worldwide and there would be no deviation in that regard.

Whether it be Amsterdam, Singapore or elsewhere, internationally accepted best practices are adopted,he noted, adding that there was no need to entertain any fears of Chinese military personnel manning the Colombo Financial City.

Responding to accusations that the government was selling the country’s assets , he said that it was the previous Rajapaksa administration that had given freehold land to the Chinese to establish the Colombo Port City. We cancelled that agreement and gave the land on 99- year lease. No land has been sold to any foreign company, not even in the case of the Hambantota Port and Industrial Project.

Wickremesinghe revealed that two offers had been received from China for an eighty percent stake in the Hambantota Port and the higher one of USD 1.4 billion had been accepted.

The Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with India, would be finalised in due course, he added. Indo-Lanka relations date back centuries and canno’t be put on the back burner over perceived economic threats.

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