Hakeem sees sinister forces within


Negative and vicious forces are currently engaged in serious attempts to destroy the unity of Muslims to alter the current political stability, says SLMC Leader and Minister of City Planning and Water Supply, Rauff Hakeem.

He is of the view that only absolute unity of all Muslims can help defeat these destructive elements.Minister Hakeem said so at a ceremony at the Palamunai Al-Hikma School, where he was the Chief Guest. He distributed land deeds to those who had lost their livelihood due to the tsunami in the Palamunai area of Addalachchenai in the Ampara District last weekend. At this event, 29 families received their land deeds.

Minister Rauff Hakeem said every party had within its ranks negative forces who subverted party unity and progress from within. He mentioned that such sinister motives could be defeated only by vigilance, open discussion and harmony among the rank and file. He assured that the SLMC would deliver on their promises and preserve the trust of the people, even though at times there were some delays in the process.

The SLMC, as a party, had strong ties with the government and, therefore, its activities in the Ampara District had yielded favourable results. In the past, political power in the Ampara District had been spread amongst several parties, but now it was only the SLMC that enjoyed the confidence of the people and the support of the government, he said.

With its power consolidated in the district, the SLMC would work towards the development of the livelihood of the people, Minister Hakeem said. He also reminded the audience that the Muslim community was facing unnecessary challenges and disturbances at present, and the SLMC would take action to bring the situation under control. However, it was important that such actions be taken with precautions to bring about a permanent solution, for peace, patiently.

The event was presided over by the former Chairman of Addalachchenai Pradeshiya Saba and a High Command member of SLMC M. A. Anzil. Parliamentarian M. I. M. Mansoor, Health Minister, Eastern Province, A. L. M. Nazeer, Members of Eastern Provincial Council A. L. Thavam, I. L. M. Mahir, and Ariff Shamsudeen were also present.

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