Improvised explosive devices taking heavy toll on domestic animals

By JB Ekanayake, Ipalogama Corr


Killing of dogs and cattle in various places of the Anuradhapura has increased as, they become victims of improvised explosive devices commonly known as ‘hakka patas’ set by people to hunt wild boars and other animals.

The Hakka Patas (approximate English translation – jaw breaker) are a mixture of explosive matter, lead and iron made into a ball, which is inserted into a cucumber or a pumpkin or another bait. These are mainly used to hunt wild boar. The use of the killer device is widespread in Galenbindunuwewa, Padaviya, Kebitigollewa and Palagala areas.

Residents of the Padavioya complained that more than 50 cattle had been killed during the last several weeks after chewing Hakka Patas.

Though the number of livestock and dogs dying is on the rise the wildlife conservation officials have not taken any action, the residents complain.

Those who prepare hakka patas sell them each at around Rs 500.

Residents are planning to organise protests and agitations calling for the intervention of responsible authorities to prevent the use of hakka patas by hunters to kill wild animals.

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