Conference to highlight importance of marketing


By Steve A. Morrell

The University of Kelaniya, with The International Institute of Knowledge Management, ( TIIKM), inaugurated ‘Corporate Dialog 2017’, last week. The press conference convened included a detailed introduction to the International Conference on Advanced Marketing (ICAM 2017) to be held January 26th and 27th.

Chairman and CEO TIIKM Oshadee Withanawasam reiterating importance of the conference said marketing within current commercial circumstances was an intrusive subject that emerged into importance for corporate planning and literally dictated direction for such activity.

Emergence of marketing in specialized corporate planning was currently an important element for accepted norms that directed futures of a company as important as other sectors in each such undertaking.

Chairman, CEO, TIIKM, Oshadee Withanawasam, said , that marketing and its importance for commercial activity was gaining precedence. Extent for management decisions on performance levels of a given company was guided by innovation and fresh thinking.

Conference Chair, ICAM 2017, Head, Department of Marketing Management, University of Kelaniya, Dr. Ajith Medis, said the University was offering a Bachelors’ Degree programme which was well received. The Degree was open to students, and those already in employment.

Student admissions for the Degree was free of charge, but those already working who wish to follow the course, are charged a course fee.

The Degree programme in context with professional demands, was growing. Admissions for the Degree course now commanded substantial numbers. Those passing out were assured appropriate placings in corporate entities and job prospects were good.

Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing Management, University of Kelaniya, Dr. Ravi Dissanayake said this was the first time a government academic body had undertaken a similar programme.

The International Conference on Advanced Marketing to be conducted by Professor A. Parusaraman, will also include presentations from CEO Etisalat,Sulaiman Salim, CEO, Amana Global, Love Yadev, MD Research Consultancy Bureau, Ravi Bamunusinghe, CEO Sales & Marketing Maliban Biscuits, Ravi Jayawardena.

The v enue will be the Galle Face hotel, with a certificate endorsement by Professor Parasuraman.

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