Blossom Cafe, Hague Walk & I don’t know why Europeans eat cold food


Enough of Trinity Memories revisited for four weeks and I am back with Street Walks in the Netherlands. Here I am. We had dinner at the beautiful and friendly Blossom Cafe in the The Hague on a Thursday night.  It is situated in the intersection of the Anna Paulownstratt and the Laan van Meerdervoort. The owner was extremely friendly and the food was excellent. Yes. They served hot food. Our hosts Norah knew it was the perfect place to take us after a hard day’s work and a walk in The Hague. The owner of the cafe told us this was the best place to come to after visiting the Peace Palace in The Hague. I couldn’t agree more because we sure were at peace and all of us wore smiles in addition to our warm clothes. Just two people (the owner and a  schoolgirl who was earning extra cash for her studies) served twenty five of us and they did it efficiently and with care and on time. 

It is true that Sri Lankans when working overseas provide a great service. However, Sri Lankans could learn a lot from the West and other countries when it comes to number of people who serve. Service is not just having numbers but to serve and serve well.  I agree its the fault of our system with no rewards. The owner told me that he wanted to help small people and he even purchased tea from a small estate in Sri Lanka through an Agent in the Netherlands. I was happy he served tea from Sri Lanka.  As we were leaving the Blossom Cafe, I saw him offering oranges to the guests at no extra cost. Yes. Cafe Blossom did blossom that night and may be every moment of the day because the owner is a Dutch man with a big heart. 

Next day we walked through beautiful Hague and visited a University and met students, academics and others. It was a peaceful  and I did like the atmosphere and the mood in the university more than what they said or tried to tell us. I really cannot remember what they said since I had to connect to Sri Lanka through whats app. Yes. I agree these Whats App, Viber and Messenger too have become a problem with people only communicating through a device.  I could see that the University students really  enjoyed what they were doing and they were soon going to become useful citizens of the Netherlands and the world. The Netherlands did not have stupid and Uneducated Education Ministers and there was no JVP or likes of an Inter University Students Federation or any other Union which would disrupt students education.

I cannot understand why Europeans eat cold food even during winter. However, I noticed how Europeans become cheerful when hot food is served. But, I am happy that Europe makes me thinner without exercise because of the cold food. I sure didn’t have to ask for more like Oliver Twist. I always tell my friends from the West, if you want a real spread be it Asian, Chinese, Indian, Western or even Mongolian visit Sri Lanka, may be some sections of South Asia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. However, I also think that the West should be punished for violation of human rights. We give them a choice in Asia but, we don’t have a proper choice of food in the West. Many of us starve and have to visit those places such as McDonalds, Burgher King, Pizza Hut which serves survival food. Mr Human Rights Commissioner, over to you on behalf of the hungry Asian travellers of the world.  Hurry Hurry Curry Curry will make the world a happier place. 

Hunger apart, I returned to my hotel and wanted to go in search of the Hague sea. I was tired of the Indian Ocean and was in search of another ocean. Joined by a friend who traveled from Germany we decided to walk in search of the sea of the Netherlands. She had printed the direction and was armed with a google map. I wasn’t. Because I have the habit of asking people for directions, getting lost, finding my way  and continuing with the  journey. It was strange for me to hear for the first time from my friend  that men don’t like to ask for directions. I was puzzled and told her that I had no problems with asking people for directions. It is in a way meeting new people, getting to know them. I have made so many friends during Street Walks due to that. Asking for Directions is a way of making connections. We walked passed beautiful streets of The Hague and stopped people and asked for directions whenever we thought we were lost. It was wonderful how some old ladies took out their mobile phones and showed us the directions using the google maps. We sure had our mobile phones but with no data. Data very useful but, its expensive  in this networked world of ours. By the way I am still waiting for Harin Fernando’s google balloons to get connected in Sri Lanka. Huh. We walked for nearly five km and found the sea of The Hague. I cannot explain  how happy we became when we saw the blue ocean. We walked up and down until the sunset. There was laughter and good cheer. That long walk was worth it. No wonder people who live  by the water are happy people. Oh by the way most Dutch people speak English though many of them hate the British like most Sri Lankans.


Next Week: Visit to the Old City Delft 

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