Delft a beautiful old city in Netherlands


Delft is an old City and a Municipality in the Netherland located south of The Hague. It takes about 40 minutes by Tram to get there from The Hague. Thanks to my friend from Germany we made it there and I wouldn’t regret one moment for going to Delft, making that pleasant journey. We left The Hague by about 7.30 in the morning. When we reached beautiful Delft most of them were asleep but, the sun was out, so were some bicycles and boats. Some restaurants had begun to open their doors. Few bakers were up early as most bakers would do in most cities. We visited a beautiful Delft city market which had everything from cheese, fruits, flowers, sweets, plants and everything Dutch and Delft. Vendors and visitors alike were very friendly. For a moment I too felt like a flying Dutchman. Let me tell you folks there is a smile more than the Sri Lankan smile. The beautiful Dutch smile. Did I buy anything from the market? I really cannot remember. I clicked plenty of photos at the friendly market.

Then we wandered at the Delft square and I found free internet to reach out to the world. With two beautiful old churches, shops and stores and souvenir shops the square is really the centre of Delft city. I sat there for a moment taking pictures, people watching and then walked into an official tourist shop and bought miniature cycles and small Delft blue pottery which Delft city is famous for in the world. Yes. It is all blue pottery made in Delft. We walked passing beautiful canals, rows of bicycles and smiling tourists and local residents. Tourists were very welcome by the residents of Delft.

The day we visited there, Saint Nicholas was visiting the kids and handing out gifts and it was fun on the streets. I am told for Netherlanders, Saint Nicholas is much more important than Santa Clause. Donald Trump doesn’t look like Santa. Neither did Obama and they both live far away in the United States of America. I was introduced first to one of the best cheese in the world in the Delft. Then, saw them all over the Netherlands.  Henri Willig, is the Specialist Cheese Maker and I did bring some of Willig cheese to Sri Lanka.

I walked along the streets and alleyways, passed canals and happy people. I walked into a small shop and found handmade dinkey toys and cartoon characters. From Tin Tin, Captain Haddock to Asterix and Obelix and all the characters we could come across. I don’t how they took all that trouble to make them. We started talking about little things in life since the people in the shop were happy people. I ended up buying miniature cartoon characters and an old army truck as souvenirs.

I have kept the article short to take you to the Delft city through my pictures. Enjoy it. 

Next Week : Amsterdam 


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