International recognition for celebrity fashion designer


The name Brian Kerkoven is synonymous with the fashion world. And, his work is now gaining international recognition, as well.

In December (last year), he was awarded a Medal and a Certificate Medal of Honour for Excellence, by the Confederation of International Accreditation Commission (CIAC), India.

The presentation took place at the Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organisation SUNFO Ceremony, which was held on December 18th, 2016, at the Sri Lanka National Museum.

On the same platform, his niece, Dannielle Kerkoven, also received an award - a certificate, from the World Peace and Diplomacy Organisation India, making her a World Peace Ambassador.

This is the second occasion that both Brian and Danielle received awards at the same event.

In 2014, they participated at the Fashion Asia Awards 2014, in China.

Brian was one of the Top 5 nominees for Asian Top Fashion Upcoming Designer of the Year while Dannielle was in the Top 5 in the Asian Top Fashion Model of the Year Female Category.

The proudest moment for Brain, he says, was when Dannielle, won the Asian Top Fashion Model of the Year Category.

Brian and Dannielle were selected, vide their portfolios, by a selection committee, from overseas.

Says Brian,"It’s a great feeling of happiness, when you find that someone, or some organization, recognizes what you do to pave the way for other young people to come into the spotlight."

Brian went on to say that his two business partners, Shanika Jayarathna and Montila Gurusinghe, are responsible for his modeling school, "Walk With Brian Kerkoven," becoming a reality.

"I am very proud to say that some of my students represent Fashion Houses, come in Commercials and walk for leading shows, in Colombo, while some have even won Beauty Pageants, bringing fame to Sri Lanka, themselves and more recognition to the school."

When Brian started out as a model, for one of Ramani Fernando’s early hair shows, he says he never thought he would reach the position he is now in.

"I got to thank all my models who have stayed loyal to me, even when others have tried to lure them away,

"They have all made me proud and happy.

"Yes, team work is essential, and I’m so happy that we all work as a team."

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