SAITM CEO denies fleeing to Russia

By Norman Palihawadana

The CEO of South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine Dr Sameera Senaratne yesterday said that he didn’t flee the country, but left for Russia on an important mission with a team of colleagues last week.

Speaking to "The Island" over the phone form Russia, Dr. Senaratne said "the trip was scheduled long ago and after the mission is accomplished I will return to Sri Lanka soon."

Dr Senaratne who had complained to police that he faced death threats said he was provided security from Colombo prior to his departure from the BIA by the police.

"There are so many elements who rejoice about the predicament I faced and they keep slinging mud day and night and I am thoroughly disgusted about the status quo," the SAITM CEO said.

Immediately after the shooting incident I found it difficult to alight from my vehicle as my legs started wobbling and passersby helped me to get into a three wheeler to continue my journey, he said.

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