Sri Lankan cricketers to complain about raw ordeal

As if the 3-0 whitewash in the Test series and the 5-0 drubbing in the subsequent ODI series in South Africa weren’t bad enough, the national cricket team was made to go through another rough ordeal as they took a long route to Australia instead of taking a direct flight.

As there was little time between the series in South Africa and the current one in Australia, it had been decided by Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) to fly the team from South Africa to Australia instead of coming back home.

However, although several airlines provide direct flights from Johannesburg to Sydney, SLC in its wisdom chose to fly the team via Hong Kong.

While the flight from Johannesburg to Hong Kong took 12 hours and 30 minutes, the connecting flight from Hong Kong to Sydney took another nine hours and 30 minutes. Into the bargain, the national cricket team was in transit for 18 long hours in Hong Kong.

A direct flight could have, however, saved the team much trouble. From Johannesburg to Sydney, a direct flight only takes 12 hours.

Sri Lanka’s preparations ahead of the T-20 series against Australia was affected due to the scheduling and a formal complaint will be lodged with board officials by Head Coach Graham Ford The Island learns.

SLC should investigate the matter and find out whether any individual within their marketing department was to gain by this bizarre scheduling that caused much inconvenience to the national team.

They might as well change the age old adage, ‘Parangiya Kotte giya wage’. Now it should be ‘Sri Lanka team eka Australiya giya wage’

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