Only Wigneswaran wants North-East merger


By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

Western Province Chief Minister Isuru Devapriya yesterday assured that there were no threats to national security and the Northern and Eastern Provinces were free from terrorist threats.

He said no acts of terrorism had been reported from those two provinces so far and the country’s overall security had not been affected.

However, Devapriya stressed that the Central government should take steps to allocate necessary funds to the Provincial Councils for their development plans under the powers vested to provincial councils on 37 subjects.

He stressed that it was not a good idea of letting provincial councils to work directly with international and international organizations investing in provincial councils for their development activities.

Accusing Northern Province Chief Minister C.V Wigneswaran for claiming full devolution for Provincial Councils, CM Devapriya stressed that the other provinces including the Eastern Province were not in agreement with CM Wigneswaran’s claim for full devolution.

"We would not like federal or any other sort of extreme devolution to provincial councils," Devapriya said.

Referring to a hybrid court system, the Chief Minister noted that Sri Lanka did not need foreign judges as the country had internationally recognized judges.

Sri Lanka could run its court system by local judges, he noted.

Devapriya also stressed that none of the other Provincial Councils agreed to merge the Northern and Eastern provinces. Not even for the Eastern Province itself, he said.

The majority Muslim people in the Eastern Province did not have any plans to merge the two provinces too, he said.

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