Now, Sampanthan alleges over 150,000 Tamils killed, 50 % population fled the country


Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader and Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan has alleged that over 150,000 Tamils had been killed during the nearly three decades long conflict.

Veteran politician Sampanthan was addressing a counter terrorism conference in New Delhi on March 15. Claiming that about 50 per cent of the Tamil population had fled the country due to the conflict, Sampanthan said that fresh violence would result in more Tamils fleeing the country.

The Opposition Leader said four resolutions had been adopted by the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

The resolutions dealt with violations of International Human Rights Laws and International Humanitarian Laws by both parties to the conflict, the Sri Lankan State and the armed rebel outfit, MP Sampanthan said, adding: "The implementation of the resolution adopted in October 2015 is being currently reviewed by the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. It deals with the Transitional Justice Process, issues pertaining to Land. Missing persons, detainees, and the evolution of Constitutional arrangements that will bring about a just and acceptable political resolution to this conflict."

(MP Sampanthan’s speech on page 4)

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