Sri Lankan based innovation company helps Northern Ireland company to launch at DigiHealth


Mitra Innovation is a UK and Sri Lankan based company (with an additional office in Australia) specialising in SaaS technology platform incubation, digital transformation and Cloud-to-Cloud integration. Over the last year, they have been helping a Northern Ireland based company – Kraydel – to build their innovative new healthcare technology platform and launch it onto the market. Early March was a milestone in Kraydel’s history – and an exciting time for Mitra Innovation – when the service was launched to potential buyers at DigiHealth UK, in London.

The cost of care for the elderly is a major problem at local and national levels in the UK. At present, over 2 million people over the age of 75 live alone, and this number will double every 30 years. Unlike the culture in Sri Lanka, many elderly people live alone by choice as they wish to remain in their own homes in their old age, rather than be moved to care homes or live with their families. But these elderly people are vulnerable to falls, strokes, fevers, heart attacks, cold and hot weather, dementia and forgetfulness and many experience loneliness and isolation. The families often wonder how they can help their elderly relatives retain their independence and their desire to remain in their homes, but remain safe and well at the same time. provides the answer.

Kraydel is an innovative new assisted living service that enables elderly people to live independently in their own homes.

Using a smartphone app, a customised remote control, and a base station, Kraydel provides people with peace of mind that their elderly relatives are safe and well, by letting them know about their daily activity, the ambient temperature in their homes, whether they have taken their medication, and if they have a medical issue or emergency. The service also provides elderly people with peace of mind that help is just a click away, if they get into any mobility or medical difficulties.

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