The issue is SAITM, not NFTH says GMOA

The government’s decision to place the Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital (NFTH) under the Health Ministry’s purview has not appeased the GMOA, which pledged to continue to demand a solution to the controversial SAITM issue, and not the NFTH.

The GMOA says it has still not been officially informed about the decision of the Higher Education Ministry on SAITM. The position of the trade union would be announced only after there is official intimation of the ministry’s stand on this private medical facility at Malabe.

The GMOA wants the Higher Education Minister to intimate to courts that the SAITM does not have the compliance certificate to offer medical degrees.

It is also demanding the government to implement the directives of the commission appointed by the former health minister to discontinue the medical degree offered by the SAITM, issue a gazette notification on the minimum standards of medical education and appoint a presidential committee to offer justice to students studying at the SAITM.

The GMOA has also called for the nationalization of the SAITM.

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