New year travellers warned to dangers of fever

By Dilanthi Jayamanne


National Coordinator Dengue Control Programme, Dr Hasitha Tissera yesterday warned the public to be cautious in view of the fast spreading fever.

Dr Tissera said those with fever should not leave their homes to prevent the spread of the disease. Those who contracted fever while travelling should rush to the nearest hospital without trying to reach thier destinations and spreading the disease in the process.

The National Coordinator said that 30,000 dengue cases had been reported from the beginning of the year to date. However, he refused to reveal the number of dengue deaths.

The number of dengue patients recorded from January to end of April last year was more than 16,650.

The Health Ministry said there was no shortage of the drug Oseltamivir used to treat H1N1.

Besides stocks that had been provided by the WHO to meet the demand, the Medical Supplies Division had been forced to locally purchase the drug, the Health Ministry Spokesman Nipuna Ekanayake said, adding that the State Pharmaceutical Corporation (SPC), too, had received a stock of Oseltamivir while the MSD would distribute stocks to hospitals.

The Health Ministry had also issued instructions to hospitals to use the drug only on patients identified as suffering from Influenza H1N1 so as to prevent waste, he said

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