NCPA works to uplift mental conditions of Meetotamulla disaster affected children

by Kaumadi Punsaradevi

 The National Child Protection Authority would be conducting programmes to resettle and uplift the mentality of children affected by the Meetotamulla garbage dump disaster, a spokesman for the National Child Protection Authority said yesterday.

 About a dozen officers of the authority have been employed in the process of collecting data on the children who have lost parents or family members in the disaster that took place on Sinhala and Tamil New Year day.

 The data collected so far by the NCPA reveals that one child has lost both the parents and about three or four have lost a single parent in the tragedy.

 The spokesman also said that the head office of the authority was working with the Colombo Divisional Secretariat, District Secretariat and some probationary officers to decide on the future of children who have lost either both or a single parent in the manmade disaster.

 The activities conducted for children by the Authority at the temporary placement camps at Meetotamulla were similar to those conducted during the Aranayake landslide tragedy, the spokesman said adding that psycho-social activities were given priority.

 The spokesman said the responsibility to inspect the education conditions of the children was vested with the Ministry of Education and that the mental uplifting programmes for children were taken as the main focus by the NCPA, in which the Colombo District Secretariat was specially assisting them.

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