Moratuwa University presents EXMO 2017


The University of Moratuwa has made all arrangements for engineering and innovative exhibition "EXMO 2017", which is to be held on 28th and 29th of April within the university premises.

Among the projects presented by the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, "DRONE" lifesaving unit created by a group of five with the forefront figures of Engineering Graduate Janith Kalpa and Undergraduate Insaf Ismath, will be a major attraction. This project which achieved the first place in the "Mora Ventures" tournament, was produced under the guidance of Prof. Rohan Munasinghe and Dr. Ruwan Gopura.

Another attraction will be project "I-Belt" by Eranga de Silva, an undergraduate of Mechanical Engineering Department for the benefit of the visually handicapped people. This has been done in a way such that it identifies the words and gives feedback in the direction of the sound. And also in case of an emergency it gives vibrational feedbacks for sounds. This is a project that won the first place at IMechE, Asia Pacific Design Competition 2015.

Another outstanding project is the racing car produced by "Team Shark", a group of 15 mechanical engineering students. It won an award at the "Formula Students Racing 2016" automobile tournament organized by the IMechE of United Kingdom.

The magnitude analyzer of Nano particles is a project presented by the department of Material Science Engineering and wins a significant place. This is an invention of Ashen Anuradha, Anjana Ishan, ThisaraSandaruwan" undergraduate students of this department. This device can be used to analyze to properties such as solubility, flowability, abrasion, hardness and density. And also depending on the size of the particlethe manufacturing process and the end product may vary. This device which is an optical based system known as static light scattering is produced using Arduino control modules. It identifies carbon black particles in rubber industry from the effect of abrasion resistance and IR resistance.

Out of the projects conducted by Department of Textile and Clothing Technology Engineering, the project which is under the topic ‘3-Dimensional sewing technology’ holds a significant position. It was done by undergraduates Wishmitha Osura, Ushan Senarath and Sisura Kalhara under the supervision of Prof. Sandun Fernando. And this project was sponsored by Textile and Clothing department and will have a massive influence on the construction industry and medical field.

In EXMO 2017 exhibition, Fashion Design and Product Development department presents an individual project meant for countries such as the United States. It designs military grade gear and armours resistant to water and fire, used by military agent institutions like FBI.

"Braille Band" was done by the department of Electronic and Telecommunication engineering and it is based on "Haptic" technology. Smart phones with latest technology are introduced to the blind with the vibrational feedbacks. This device consists of three hand belts and is designed to read SMS in brail using six points. This device is connected to a smart phone using the Bluetooth technology. This project was tested with some blind people and the maximum speed of identifying a letter was recorded as 0.3 seconds. This has won the 1st placein "SS12 Asia Sri Lanka Section" competition.

Madawa Widanapathirana and Lakmal Buddhika, students of Department of Computer Science Engineering, presents ‘AmPlus’ as their project. Some more students including these two are involved in this and they, as the team "Bit master" have won the 3rd place among the final teams of the world in the international competition "Microsoft Imagine Cup". In addition to that they have also won in the competition "IdeamartMorahack 2015" organized by Dialoge.

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