Osethma introduces nourishment of drumstick plant to the market


A renowned name in the Ayurveda medical sector in Sri Lanka Osethma Ayurveda Hospital has introduced an herbal product that contains most of the nourishment of the drumstick tree (Moringa) under the name Osethma Moringa.

A supplement meal with nutritious value, Osethma Moringa has received the approval from the Formulary Committee of the Department of Ayurveda of Sri Lanka.

Moringa will provide the nourishment of the drumstick tree to the body and will be introduced to the market in the form of a capsule by Osethma Ayurveda Hospital which is a first in Sri Lanka. In addition Moringa Tea with nourishment of the Moringa tree (Murunga) has been introduced to the market under the Osethma label.

Osethma Moringa while sustaining the young look, will increase stamina and provide the necessary energy and vitamins to live a healthy life with a chemistry composition that increases sexual endurance. It also controls the body’s natural protection mechanism, provides the necessary nourishment needed for the protection of the eyes, develops the body’s cells and will control the cholesterol level in the blood, improve the complex of the skin and control pimples, improve the functions of the liver and kidney, control pain in the joints and waning of bones, make food digestion easy, control the sugar level in the blood and improve the blood circulation.

"Experiments have proved that the drumstick tree provides super food with a host of goodness and has been proven that the nutrition that can be obtained from Moringa tree was not available in any other vegetable. Although most of our people are used to consume drumsticks of the Moringa tree it has been revealed that most of the nutrition of the Moringa tree is found in its leaves. Osethma Moringa which was introduced to the market as a result of experiments conducted over a period of time on the nutrition value of the Moringa tree, consists of vitamins A, D and C that prevents nutritive deficiencies, minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and protein and many antioxidants elements, said Ayurveda Doctor Kamal Serasinghe, Chairman Osethma Ayurveda Hospital.

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