Radhakrishnan insists on filling teacher vacancies in estate schools with Indians


The government would not change its decision to bring in Indian teachers to be appointed to Tamil schools in the estate sector, Education State Minister V Radhakrishnan vowed yesterday (18).

The State Ministry of Education has, in a media statement, quoted Minister Radhakrishnan as saying that the government has decided to bring in 100 teachers from India to overcome the prevailing shortage of science and maths teachers in estate schools.

The Ministry has said that the Minister said so while addressing a ceremony at the auditorium of the Education Ministry at Isurupaya in Battaramulla.

"The media statement quotes the minister as having said: "We took that decision after considering the fact that we could not fill the existing vacancies overnight with qualified persons from this country. We are recruiting from here, too, but we have to train them and it would take time. Children in the estate schools who have been marginalised for so long should not be made to wait for that while we have the option of obtaining services from teachers from the neighbouring country. We simply cannot order those students to read for arts subjects just because we do not have the required science and maths teachers here. If there are qualified people, we invite them and are ready to recruit them as teachers.

"There are some people opposing this project as they are not aware of the situation prevailing in the estate sector schools. Because of their short-sightedness this project has become a controversial issue.

"We have tried to obtain the services of retired teachers but that project was not successful. The Prime Minister, too, has paid his attention to this issue. He ordered me to fill the vacancies by bringing teachers from other countries if not from India I was told to bring teachers from even China. If the teachers in the service are failing to render a proper service we would bring teachers from abroad and somehow ensure the children would get a proper education."

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