Perpetual Treasuries CEO ordered out of Presidential Commission of Inquiry


By Sarath Dharmasena and Shyam Nuwan Ganewatte

Justice K. T. Chitrasiri, Chairman of the Presidential Commission, probing the alleged bond scams yesterday ordered CEO of Perpetual Treasuries Ltd, Kasun Palisena, who was listening to the proceedings while a Central bank official was testifying before it, to leave the place immediately as the latter had entered the place without prior permission.

The Commission Chairman also admonished the Counsel appearing for the company, Nihal Fernando, for allowing Palisena to be present.

Counsel Fernando apologised to the commission for his lapse.

The head of the team of lawyers, assisting the Commission from the Attorney General’s Department and Additional Solicitor General Dappula de Livera PC, told the Commission that Palisena should be severely warned.

At this juncture Counsel Fernando said that it was he who had asked Palisena to come.

Commission Chairman Chitrasiri told Fernando that the company CEO’s name had been mentioned several times during the proceedings and allowing him to follow the commission proceedings was not correct.

At this stage Fernando said he had asked Palisena to attend the sittings as there was a professional need.

After ordering Palisena to leave the sittings Justice Chitrasiri told him that if it was necessary for him to attend the sittings he had to make an official request.

Commission Chairman: We have already permitted an official of the company to be present. We cannot allow another. If necessary, make a written request. The commission will consider it. It is wrong of you to have come here without permission.

Justice Chitrasiri said none of the commissioner knew who that person was.

"Former Chairman of the Central Bank Arjuna Mahendran is sitting here and we all know who he is. We have given him permission to attend sittings," the Commissions Chairman said.

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