Loss from disaster estimated at eight billion rupees


by Ajith Alahakoon and Kushan Subasinghe

The total damage caused by the recent floods and landslides owing to Cyclone Mora was around eight billion rupees, Minister of Disaster Management, Anura Priyadarshana Yapa told Parliament yesterday. Minister Yapa said the government would need more than Rs 8 billion to repair the damaged properties and meet the cost of recovery process. He added that the required funds could be obtained from the Insurance Trust Fund. 

The Minister said so while responding to a question raised by JVP MP Sunil Handunetti, who asked: "You have said that Rs 8 billion is needed to rectify the damages caused by adverse weather conditions but we want you to clarify whether the insurance trust fund would be paying this amount. There is a notion that it would not be possible to obtain this amount from the insurance fund as the government had failed to pay the premium."

Minister, while admitting that MPs Handunetti’s statement regarding the Rs 8 billion plus damag had been caused, assured the House that full amount would be recovered from the insurance trust fund. 

"We have already received Rs 150 million as an advance from the insurance fund," the Minister asserted. 

He said the loss of 212 lives and the properties destroyed could have been avoided had the Doppler radar damaged several months earlier, had been functioning at the time.

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