Radhakrishnan complains of stepmotherly treatment

State Minister of Education and leader of the Kandurata Janatha Peramuna V. Radhakrishnan says that no single party would be able to form a government without the support of minority and minor parties in this country again.

"This is the reality the main parties have to accept whether they like it or not. If anyone dreams of forming a single party government in this country he or she is daydreaming," the Minister said addressing a recent press conference at the Ministry,.

The Minister said: "It is however sad to note that the main parties which form governments with the assistance of minor and minority parties forget the interests of those who supported them soon after being ensconced in power. The main parties need our support but there is no proper mechanism of recognising their contribution when it comes to distributing power and other privileges. We did not come to parliament just to draw ministerial salaries. We need to help the electorate which voted for us. It is our duty to serve our people, but the portfolios given to us do not enable us to achieve that objective. How could we ask people to vote for us against without serving them now?"


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