Is this the killer of Tilak?

By Srilal Miththapala

Speculation is rife that a young bull elephant with a single tusk, seen recently on the Yala main road, could probably be the killer of the majestic tusker, Tilak, of Yala a few days ago. He has been sighted in the area where the incident happened.

According to the post-mortem report Tilak had sustained deep wounds inflicted by a single tusk during an altercation.

Hence, the young bull with a single tusk has become the suspect in the killing of Tilak.

However, some wildlife enthusiasts are sceptical because the suspect looks relatively young and is not in musth.

Elephants usually don’t fight and it is very rare for a young bull to attack a senior individual. Clashes are often among adults.

Besides, such fights almost always take place when bulls are in musth, a periodic physiological phenomena that adult male elephants go through when they become sexually active. This results in their testosterone levels reaching extremely high levels, and consequently they become quite aggressive.

Therefore, experienced wildlife enthusiasts say one should not rush to conclusions until more light is shed on the real incident which led to Tilak’s demise.

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