Attacks against Muslims aimed at toppling govt. - President


by Zacki Jabbar

President Maithripla Sirisena said yesterday that recent mob attacks on mosques and Muslim business establishments were part of a broad political conspiracy aimed at toppling the government.

Addressing an Ifthar ceremony at the Presidents House in Colombo, attended by Muslims from different walks of life and the diplomatic community, Sirisena recalled with gratitude the contribution Muslims and Tamils had made to electing him as President.

The government, he said, was committed to maintaining law and order and would not permit a small group of misguided elements to create ethnic disharmony and chaos in the country.

"Mob attacks on Muslim places of religious worship and Business establishments are not just against one community; they are part of a well planned political conspiracy aimed at capturing power."

The President appealed to the Muslims to remain calm and unprovoked and the trouble makers would be dealt with legally.

Minster of Provincial Councils and Local Government Faizer Musthapha said that the Muslims had never tried to divide the country and they had worked tirelessly to safeguard its territorial integrity. "We want to live in peace and harmony with other communities," he emphasised.

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