Ceylinco General Insurance pays all flood claims at laudable speed


Several individuals affected by the floods also expressed their gratitude to Ceylinco General Insurance for the relief measures taken by the company.

Speedy settlement of flood claims by Ceylinco General Insurance has enabled thousands of its customers to bounce back to normalcy in the shortest possible time, feedback received by the company reveals, Ceylinco General Insurance said yesterday.

Staff of Ceylinco General Insurance acted promptly to pay compensation to all of its policy holders with flood cover affected by the recent floods within 14 days, fulfilling its promise of swift settlement of claims, which is the hallmark of the company’s policy. Accordingly, over 1,400 claims were paid to Warehouses, Go-downs, Shops, Offices, Factories, Construction sites, Home Owners and all types of vehicles.

Several individuals affected by the floods expressed their gratitude to Ceylinco General Insurance for the relief measures taken by the company, such as providing them with drinking water and cooked meals, and for the assistance given to them to move to safe places during the first few days of the flooding. Staff attached to various branches of Ceylinco General Insurance was among the first to reach out to the affected people.

M. G Laksman, Proprietor of Lucky Tea (Pvt)Ltd, in Hiniduma, Galle, said that his claim was paid no sooner his estimate was submitted and that he was able to restart his Tea factories within a few days due to the prompt settlement of his claim. Similarly, T L Indrajith, Proprietor of Isuru Traders and Samagi Shoe Centre, Kalutara, said that he was surprised to see staff of Ceylinco General Insurance’s Kalutara branch in a boat, distributing food and water and thereafter assessing damages even before the flood waters had receded.

Ajith Gunawardena, Chief Executive Officer of Ceylinco General Insurance said, "The recent floods were a sad natural catastrophe and we consider such events as national disasters. Very little could be done to prevent such calamities in the short term. But what we can do is to pay compensation to the victims speedily for them to return to their normal lives within the shortest possible time. As an insurance company, we have our objectives as well as our responsibilities. Whenever our customers are affected, we always compensate them within the shortest possible time. For us, this is in line with our values - to stand by our customers in their time of need. Also, as the industry leader, we were able to enhance the goodwill of the industry through our actions."

Patrick Alwis, Managing Director, said, "Our large network of in-house risk engineers based island-wide helped us to settle claims within no time. Also, we have comprehensively covered ourselves to face the challenges posed by such disasters. We have taken every precaution through proper reinsurance arrangements since we are backed by world’s best reinsurers. Our Catastrophic risks are comprehensively covered through a NAT CAT cover from a world renowned AA rated reinsurer."

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