Dairy farmers in la-la land, says Harrison


By Kaumadi Punsaradevi

Nowhere in the country did the dairy farmers protest to have their milk bought, said the Minister for Rural Economic Affairs P. Harrison addressing a media briefing yesterday.

Minister Harrison said that there were 3,000 milk collection centres run by Milco and other dairy companies around the country to buy milk from dairy farmers and there was no need to throw away milk.

Even during the two weeks of floods the state-owned Milco had purchased milk though it suffered a considerable loss owing to transport related problems.

Only adulterated milk was rejected, the Minister said.

Minister Harrison dismissed the JVP’s allegation that milk cows bought under an agreement with Australia were being sold to the

cronies of the government. some more cows would be imported in October, he added.

Harrison added that the newest milk processing factory built at Ambewela would be declared open next week.

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