Mahanayakes urge govt. not to go ahead with Bill to abolish PTA

By Cyril Wimalasurendre

KANDY: The Sangha of the three sects, at a meeting, chaired by Asgiriya Mahanayake Thera Most Venerable Warakagoda Sri Gnanaratne yesterday urged the government not to go ahead with the proposed bill to abolish the PTA scheduled to be presented to Parliament today.

More than 75 members of the Sangha of the three Nikayas attended yesterday’s meeting at Sri Chandananda Buddhist College of Asgiriya.

It was resolved at the meeting to present a memorandum signed by the prelates to President Maithripala Sirisena, urging him to appoint a committee to inquiry into the existing divisions among the different communities and make recommendations as to how national unity and progress could be brought about.

The contents of the memorandum to be presented to President Sirisena on Thursday (06) were agreed upon by the leading Sangha present at the meeting.

The memorandum is presented with signatures of the Mahanayake Theras of the three sects Siyam, Amarapura and Ramagnna.

Present at the meeting were Anunayake Theras of Asgiriya Venerable Anamaduwe Sri Dhammadassi and Wendaruwe Sri Upali, Anunayake Theras of Malwatte Venerable Dimbulkumbure Wimaladhamma and Dr. Niyangoda Vijithasiri Theras, Mahanayake Thera of Rohana Sect of Siyam Nikaya Venerable Omare Kassapa Mahanayake Thera of Amarapura Nikaya Most Venerable Kotugoda Dhammawasa Manahanayaka Thera of Ramagnna Maha Nikaya, Most Venerable Napana Pemasiri Thera, Chief Incumbent of Getambe Rajopawanaramaya Venerable Keppetiyagoda Siriwimala Nayake Thera and leading Maha Theras of the provinces.

Among others were the Secretary General of Asgiriya Chapter Venerable Medagama Dhammananda and Dambulla Raja Maha Viharadhipathi Venerable Dr. Godagama Mangala Thera.

The meeting lasted for over four hours.

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