Dhammika Perera made inquiries after CB inquiry report leak

Police summon Saman Kumara


By Shyam Nuwan Ganewatta and Sarath Dharmasena

Main shareholder of Pan Asia Bank, Dhammika Perera, had inquired about Treasury bond deals from the bank’s Deputy General Manager (Treasury), Aruna Dias, after an internal investigation report by the Central Bank on Perpetual Treasuries had been leaked, the Presidential Commission of Inquiry probing the alleged bond scams was told yesterday.

Testifying before the Commission, Dias said that Dhammika Perera had sought information about the issue over the telephone.

Dias has previously told the Presidential Commission how Pan Asia Bank acted as an intermediary in bond deals involving the Perpetual Treasuries and the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF).

Dias said Dhammika Perera had asked, "Did you do anything in violation of the law?" He said had replied, "No, we haven’t done anything contrary to the law."

Dias quoted Dhammika Perera as having told him that the Pan Asia Bank had received a marginal profit from bond deals involving the EPF and Perpetual Treasuries.

Dias was responding to Kalinga Indatissa, PC, appearing for Arjun Aloysius, Director of Perpetual Treasuries.

Dias emphasised that his relationship with Aloysius had been one hundred per cent official and every statement he made on him (Aloysius) was factual.

Dias explained what he meant by ‘missed calls.’ He meant the telephone calls from Aloysius, which he had not answered.

In answer to a question by Counsel Indatissa, Dias said, "Aloysius pleaded with me over the phone to meet him."

Asked by Supreme Court Judge and member of the Commission Prasanna S. Jayawardena when a split had occurred between Dhammika Perera and Nimal Perera, the then Chairman of the Pank Asia Bank, Dias said it had been in March 2017."

Dias acknowledged that subsequent to the rift between Nimal Perera and Dhammika Perera, two senior officers of the Pan Asia Bank had lost employment.

Meanwhile, the Commission was yesterday informed of the interdiction of Central Bank official Saman Kumara, who had handled the Treasury bond deals for the EPF with Perpetual Treasuries and Pan Asia Bank.

Saman Kumara, who was a manager at the EPF was later appointed Senior Assistant Director of the Central Bank (Facilities Management Department).

The Special Criminal Investigation Unit of the Presidential Commission had summoned Saman Kumara to make a statement yesterday.

Senior Additional Solicitor General Dappula de Livera PC, assisting the investigation informed the Presidential Commission of action taken against Kumara.

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