Motion tabled to do away with honorary titles for elected representatives


Matara District UNP MP Buddhika Pathirana says that the use of honorific titles such as his/her excellency’ and ‘honourable before the names of politicians has become a joke. He is to move a motion in parliament seeking to do away with the practice.

The MP has submitted a private member’s motion, which has been included in the latest addendum to the Order Book of Parliament issued on July 07.

The motion titled Abandoning of honorary titles of representatives of the people, says:  "Since all representatives of the people in Parliament, the Provincial Councils, the Pradeshiya Sabhas including the President and the Prime Minister receive salaries and/or allowances monthly for the duties they perform, and since none of the holders of the above posts render an honorary service with altruistic concerns, and since the use of titles such as His Excellency, Honourable or Sir with the name or the post has become an object for ridicule, that this Parliament resolves that necessary action be pursued to discontinue the use of honorary titles of the representatives of the people."

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