Proposed condominium complex: Andarawatte Road residents make representations to UDA

Developer says he is prepared to address any grievances


A group of residents of Andarawatte Road, Polhengoda, Colombo 5, complained to the Director of Enforcement of the Urban Development Authority (UDA) that the developer of a proposed 12-storied condominium in the area has allegedly violated regulations in pushing ahead with the project.

During a meeting with the director last week, they claimed that a Traffic Impact Assessment, as required by the preliminary clearance given to the property developer, had not been done.

They pointed out that during the process of construction, a fleet of heavy and long vehicles, mostly in convoys, will travel frequently for over two years on Andarawatte Road, which is 17 ft, 12 ft, 2 ins and 13.5 ft wide at different points, leading to the site.

This could result in the culvert collapsing and storm water flooding the area. Motor vehicles of residents will be denied their right of way to move unhindered, they warned.

The residents said that that rather than doing patchwork to the road and the culvert, the road should be widened to 30 ft and the culvert reinforced to enable residents to travel without obstruction.

It was also noted that during the survey to prepare the traffic assessment impact, the concerns of the residents should have been first heard. This had not been done.

They charged that the developer has yet to obtain a development permit for construction, but had proceeded to do ‘piling tests’, causing agony to residents. Their properties had not been insured against damages. The clearance report of the Central Environment Authority has also still not been obtained, they claimed.

Residents insisted that until the road is widened, a development permit should not be issued.

They said the UDA assured that they would take up the issue of widening the road with the Colombo Municipal Council.

Dismissing the allegations, a director of Asian Superior Residencies Pvt. Ltd., the developers of ‘Westminster Residencies’, the proposed condominium complex, said that clearance from the UDA was obtained in March 2017 before ‘piling tests’ were done.

"As the developer, we were also represented at the UDA meeting, and I want to stress that it is my intention to resolve whatever problems amicably with the neighbours", he noted.

"I am prepared to address any grievances", he assured. "I don’t want to hurt the feelings of anybody as it’s a legitimate business that I am doing".


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