Tall storeys of skyscraper rise


Are we moving to be the fix of the World Capital Con?

In the midst of all the political and governing, urban and rural, garbage and drivel, secular and religious cons we are facing today, there is the new story about the World Capital Centre or WCC.

We are really moving higher. The WCC will be the world’s largest and ninth tallest building in Colombo. It looks as if some guys in business think we have not heard enough of tall tales in recent times, not necessarily about tall buildings.

Just keep in mind it is a BoI approved project. It was not far back that we came to know of a BoI approved project to assemble Volkswagen cars in this country. It did not take very long to be better known as the Hoaxwagen Project that the Prime Minister had already known about. We then had that tyre building venture, also BoI approved, that was clearing many acres of land before anyone knew where the capital for it came from. It looked very much like a Tall Tale of Tyres.

Now we are faced with the WCC. The operators, manipulators or directors of this project seem keen to score centuries in the tall talk, with hardly any facts to support o all their huge and steadily rising claims about what this hugely tall building will be.

They just don’t know where it is to be built. Is this good business planning? Well, it is no secret that crooked business and racketeering are not very far apart. They say the land where the Welikada Prison is now located is a possibility. Great guys, it is a huge area of land – but the Prison has not yet been shifted and are any bids open for the land that will be cleared and available? Have they not heard anything about Urban Housing that may be more important than the world’s largest building? Has Urban Development given any OK, or is it handling the WCC as it handles garbage disposal?

But they do have big dreams; even thinking of the land where the Chalmers Granary stood in the very valuable Colombo Fort –Pettah area. Now, who has given them the tip off on this valuable land? Is it another Urban Development or big garbage dream? Come on, why don’t they just think of the Meethotamulla Garbage Mount? They can raise the stink there to high heaven.

They expect Colombo to beat Singapore as the business hub in this region, linking their pot boiler plans with Chinese strategies. Not very far from the thinking of the Port City and Mega polis champions in our politics and governance – on both sides of the political divide.

Just imagine this building – 1127 floors – 625 meters tall. 1,200 residential units, 3,000 retail outlets, 2,000 hotel rooms - seven star, too. 30 luxury swimming pools, Gold Presidential suites with gold plated interiors. The story goes on very much the stuff that can be called flights of fancy when we are told nothing of where the investment is coming from and where it will be located.

There is another major bloomer in the high flying promise. It will have Sri Lanka’s first ever Michelin Star restaurant. Come on again. How can they decide about Michelin Stars, when Michelin relies entirely on a full-time staff of anonymous restaurant reviewers to decide on the stars? This is certainly a flight of fancy. Unless they have already contacted the sales people in Michelin tyre shops in Colombo, and even India and Pakistan, to come and do the reviews of restaurants in this yet to be put up building. The people of Sri Lanka may have been fooled by crooked politicians and business people from the past to this day, but this kind of potboiler is too much even for them.

What’s more … the sky scraping wonder will descend to several levels below ground, and there will be space at two levels to park 5,000 cars. Why don’t they think ahead and say 5,000 auto drive electric cars? That is a flight of fancy of the future.

These planners or manipulators of WCC, obviously have a great belief in fairy tales or surangana katha to be giving this stuff about the world’s largest or even tallest building. It could be the BoI was moved by such fairy tales to give and approval, even pending finalization, for such a World Capital Con.

Story telling is an interesting pastime. But storey telling of such heights is certainly cock and bull stuff of the crooked kind.

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