Elections Commissioner
has opportunity to retire with dignity – Karu J

* If he conducts free and fair local polls


by Zacki Jabbar

Elections Commisioner Dayananda Dissanayake has a good opportunity to redeem himself by conducting the forthcoming local government elections in a free and fair manner, the UNP said yesterday.

Deputy Leader of the UNP, Karu Jayasuirya told a news conference in Colombo that Dayananda Dissanayake could retire with dignity, if he ensured that the laws were strictly enforced at the LG polls.

Mr. Dissanayake, has a good opportunity to make amends for his past mistakes, by ensuring that the March 17 elections to 301 local bodies were conducted in free and fair manner, Jayasuriya said.

He said that the UNP was a disciplined political party which did not compromise its principles to capture power.

"While we welcome whole heartedly the SLFPers who joined the UNP recently, it would not be possible to offer them nominations to contest the local polls. This is because seniors have to be given priority," he said.

The UNP had submitted nominations for all the 301 local councils and was confident of performing very well, contrary to what its critics were saying, Jayasuirya said.

Badulla District UNP MP Harin Fernando told The Island that the government had introduced a Bill which, if passed would compel clerical staff in the health sector to work in any State institution.

"According to the Health Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, the Bill was intended to control strikes in the health sector. But, it is doctors and nurses who strike on a regular basis and not the administrative staff. So the rationale for introducing new legislation is totally misplaced," he said.

The application form for a state job costs Rs. 2,000. So it was immoral to be transferring clerical staff who chose to work in the health sector, to other ministries on flimsy grounds, he said.

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